Sunday, February 20, 2011

Encouraging Inspirational Thinking

Today I start my journey of blogging full of excitement and positivity. The reason for my blog is to share with you ideas that will hopefully be thought provoking, make you smile, and ultimately inspire you. I hope too that you will also leave comments that do the same for me.

Sharing positive media has become a passion of mine. All too often we are subjected to stories in the news that are troubling, sad and sometimes even horrifying. How much better would our world be if we focused on the inspiring, happy and optimistic stories that occur every day? These are what I intend to share with you.


  1. Jo, I look forward to reading your blogs. Like you, I like to bring positivity into my life on a daily basis. Thanks for offering another way for me to do that. I also enjoy reading your posts on Facebook. ~ Coach Charlene (

  2. Changed my life and outlook that had been in a rut for a long time!and i love jo's posts also on FB!!!!xx (my daughters name is coming up for google!) My name is kim goodings!

  3. Check out my blog @

    Myself and my partner are on the same mindset as yourself. I look forward to checking your blog out from time to time.