Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Understanding the BE DO HAVE principle!

Most people think they need to HAVE "more" to allow them to "BE" a certain way .... 

i.e. "when I have MORE money or when I have MORE time." 

What you actually need to do is the complete need to BE!  

You need to work with the end in mind. 

You need to work out what is it that you want and then work backwards. 

For instance….. What is it that more money would allow you to HAVE

Let’s take for example a New Home. 

  1. Think about the size, the location, décor, furniture, possible features like a swimming pool, home theatre, games room etc 
  2. Get an understanding of its value. 
  3. What will it take to purchase it - i.e. deposit required, monthly repayments required. 
  4. Consider also the other things you require to maintain the lifestyle you desire – holidays, hobbies, education. 
 Ask yourself what do I have to DO to achieve it? 

 Ask yourself who would I have to BE in order to create this? 

By understanding what is required to achieve the end goal you are now in a powerful position to put in to place a plan of action. 
It may still seem that the goal is way too big….but you can break it down into bite size pieces. 
The important thing is to take the first step, to do the first thing that you can do right now to move you forwards. 
It may be as simple as starting saving your loose change or perhaps asking for a pay raise. It may even cause you to consider a complete change of direction. 

Consider what steps the person who has already achieved you goal would have taken to get there. 
BE that person. 

One thing’s for sure if you keep waiting for “WHEN you have MORE” chances are you’ll just keep waiting.

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