Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Learn How to Be a Super Hero in Your Child’s Eyes!

It doesn’t take a lycra body suit and flowing cape to be an Inspiration.     

Holding your newly born child for the very first time is a truly magical moment.
As I gently uncurled the tiny little fingers it dawned on me that for many years I was going to be one of the most important people in this little person’s life. They would be dependent on me for food, shelter and of course love. These I was ready to give in un-boundless quantities…..and I did.

What I hadn’t realised was how big an influence I would be in the way they think, the way they behave and ultimately the person they become.

My desire to be the very best Mum ever had always been my goal. My own Mum had worked as I grew up and I hated that she wasn’t there for sports days, assemblies or for us to have friends come to play after school.
I was determined that I would be a stay at home Mum and not miss a single important event in my children’s lives as they grew up. Fortunately I was able to do this and I will forever be grateful.

But over time I found that I had lost myself completely in the role of motherhood and I was no longer a fun, spontaneous person. The day I answered “Mummy” to the question “Title” on a credit card application was the day I understood that something had to change.

And change it did. I am now proud to introduce myself as Jo Austin, mother of 4 delightful children and a successful business woman.

Embracing an online business opportunity I’ve been an Entrepreneur working from home for 3 years now. During that time I have not only learnt how to run a very lucrative business but have also enjoyed massive personal growth. Through using our Personal Development program I have discovered a ME that I didn’t know existed….a ME that I love.

  • I am full of self confidence.
  • I have a real sense of where I am heading and what I want to achieve in life.
  • I have enormous goals and understand the actions required to reach them.
  • And I have a positive attitude that enables me to enjoy life and have fun.
Considering I was someone who would walk back out of a cake shop without buying anything because there was too much to choose from I think I’ve come a very long way!

But what I really love. What truly makes my heart sing … is that I know I am now a far better role model for my children.
My desire to be the perfect Mum had actually been dis-empowering them because I felt I had to do EVERYTHING for them. My lack of self belief and personal self worth meant that I couldn’t teach them how to make strong decisions. My lack of direction resulted in a lack of motivation and consequently meant I was being a negative influence in their lives.

These days our household is much more positive, communication is calmer and we have lots more fun once again. By teaching my children some of the principles in our Personal Development program I have seen an improvement in their school work, in their friendship choices and in their contribution to the family.

I absolutely love what I do because I now get the best of both worlds; I am still a hand’s on Mum and I am also a confident business woman assisting others to improve their lives.

No I don’t wear a lycra body suit!  But I know for a fact that I am now a huge inspiration to my children and I’d be proud to write “Super Mum” as a title.

Contact me today if you would like more information on either our Award Winning Personal Development program or the opportunity to Work from Home.

The greatest Gift you can give your Child is a Positive Mental Attitude!”

www.JoAustin.com/parents.html  ~ Inspiring Others to Love Life 

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